Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Well Red (or: Hannah Martin Show)

Earlier this year I featured my picks from London Fashion Week jewellery, including some intriguing Hannah Martin pieces coated in bright, glossy colours for the Louise Amstrup show.
Martin’s new range of powder-coated brass pieces have now been released for sale as a diffusion collection HM Show - a selection of her most iconic shapes realised in these new materials, aimed to attract a new type of customer with seasonal, fashionable colours and more accessible price points.
The red knife-edge knuckle duster is the piece that has caught my eye. A colour I feel works wonders in small doses, a flash of red lipstick or nail polish, a red lamp on a desk or a painted table in a monochrome room immediately draws the eye and always looks exciting. I think the same effect will be had by a stripe of gorgeous, glossy red across the fingers – for an easy, yet striking, update.

Sunday, 22 July 2012


It's a tricky thing to make a classic motif unique, but considering the overwhelming popularity of hearts, stars and so forth, such designs are an understandably tempting addition to any jeweller's range.

For that reason, I love how Doreth Jones has tweaked the classic star motif for her new collection. Adding a little movement, a three-dimensional 'flick' and a line of stones set along one edge makes her offering just that little bit different - and ensures her pieces won't easily be mistaken for any other designer's take on the theme.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Collection - Gina Melosi

Last month saw the annual Jewellery Week come to London, rebranded and with a calendar full of events. Amongst them was Treasure – a chance to discover new designers and catch up with the latest collections from existing favourites.

Click to Enlarge
Of the latter were Gina Melosi’s new pieces from her Broken Promises collection, from which I can share some of the beautiful lookbook images.

Broken Promises once again realises broken glass in metal, but this time featuring larger scale chunks of glass, with the shattered texture confined mainly to the edges. The pieces are finished with a striking variety of black gemstones – lava, onyx and spinel beads, strung on silk.

My favourite aspect is how tactile the pieces are; particularly the cuff, with its smooth expanse of polished metal contrasting nicely with the rougher edges. The pieces just invite you to smooth your fingers or palm across their glossy surfaces.

The darker colour palette of this range is also a striking feature –  my attention was particularly caught by those pieces with contrasting edges, as above. The range is currently available exclusively at Kabiri, here.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Fantasy Payday - Hannah Martin Solaris

After all the new designer action on the blog, I very nearly forgot last month's fantasy payday. With a new collection launch from one Hannah Martin, however, there's plenty to lust over...

The second part, and dark side, to The Man Who Knows Everything series, Martin's Solaris collection fuses strong, masculine forms with bright stones.
My favourite? The Onyx and Diamond Orbit drop, above - although the Sovereign ring with its subtly graduating sapphire and emeralds comes a close second. The collection is available at Dover Street Market now - and apparently selling out fast!
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