Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fantasy Payday - Hattie Rickards

Another month end, another stunning out-of-reach lusting...

Hattie Rickards is possibly one of the most exciting emerging designers currently building a brand in the industry. Her background at Solange Azagury-Partridge is clearly visible in her graphic, kinetic creations, although all bear her own strong design signature. Ethical and moral values are a considered and important aspect to the brand, with her efforts to grow a sustainable business clearly detailed on her site.

With the dreary weather thwarting thoughts of summer dressing, I think a couple of glossy gold rings set with brightly-hued stones would liven up my attire - particularly the Flip Octo ring with its playful spinning centre and the stack-with-anything Eternal band.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Designer - Rachel Entwistle

I’ve had Rachel Entwistle’s business card sat on my desk since I spotted her pieces back in February at The Jewellery Show, so I was pleased to have a virtual ‘prod’ into featuring her work when her new lookbook landed in my inbox.
Featuring spiders, ants and beetles, cascading chains and faceted stone beads, Entwistle’s handmade pieces are both a little creepy and a little whimsical. I think the brand does a particularly good line in earrings – creepy-crawlies dropping from the lobes alone or with layers of dripping chains.
The lookbook shows off Entwistle’s branding, with spidery handwriting creeping across the pages and a short story or fable preceding each range. Building her brand has been a key factor is Entwistle’s recent success, having been shortlisted for the UK Jewellery Awards ‘New Designer of the Year’.
Pieces can be found at EG Studio, or the currently under construction

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Katie Rowland (or, 'Finally Featured' II)

I surprised myself this morning with the fact that although I've mentioned Katie Rowland a number of times on Gold Threads, I've not yet covered her work properly on the blog. With the brand having just launched on Astley Clarke, it's high time I did…
Regular readers already know I love a literary reference - particularly when it's Oscar Wilde (see here). Rowland's Salome range takes inspiration from Wilde's play of the same name, and the results are sensual and powerfully feminine. This ring is absolutely beautiful - the inverted stones that are fast becoming Rowland's signature are both softened and complicated by a trillion cut, and the amethyst stands out beautifully against the yellow gold vermeil.

I also love the use of rose gold in Satori, her first fine jewellery collection. The metal's delicate hue is contrasted with the grey-tinged tones of raw, included diamonds, its softness offset by the spiky, inverted setting. Satori sees Rowland exploring a Japanese teaching of finding beauty in imperfection, interpreting the word into jewellery - and the results are both striking and sleek.

While I admired Rowland's bold early work, it's the more recent collections that have really captured my attention, inspired by language and literature as opposed to the literal typography of earlier pieces. Rowland’s work is a powerful, modern mix of strong, edgy and feminine style, and I enjoy exploring her complex and intelligent inspirations almost as much as the jewellery itself...

Monday, 9 April 2012

iKuria (or: Keep It Simple II)

Last month I featured an Arik Kastan ring for it's clever tweak on a traditional style. There's another great example of this trend currently 'new in' at EG Studio - iKuria's collection of very classic clusters, modernised by unexpected colour and stone combinations;
Clashing brights, clusters grouped in fours with empty centres and combining precious and semi-precious stones in the same cluster all update this traditional look.

Once again, it's simple but effective design - not necessarily groundbreaking, but perfect for layering and stacking; combining with other pieces for a hit of colour and a personal look.
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