Sunday, 5 August 2012

Jewellery Wardrobe - via Boticca...

Readers will know I’m a big fan of retail site Boticca, so I’m happy to share the news of their latest promotion. For spreading the word about Boticca, members have the chance this month to win £200 to spend on the site – which with the range of price points available is perfect for splurging on one unique, designer item or a selection of well-priced pieces.

I talk a lot on the blog about building a "jewellery wardrobe"; a selection of pieces that can be worn all day, every day and are unique, design led and have personality. There’s absolutely no need for your collection of jewellery 'basics' to conform to the 'diamond studs/pearl necklace/plain silver bangle’ ilk of lists.

So, I’ve taken the opportunity to put together my suggestions for the beginnings of a personal and exciting jewellery wardrobe, all of which could be purchased well within the prize amount;

Tamzin Lillywhite Leather Wrap Bracelet - £38, Linda Friedrich Nugget Pendant - £72, Smith/Grey Golden Horse Earstuds - £65.

To win, all you have to do is sign up to Boticca & invite your friends to sign up too. If you are already signed up, then to enter you can just invite your friends to join Boticca. On the 31st of August, the person who has invited the most friends will be picked as the prize winner. The competition is open worldwide, to both non-Boticca & Boticca members. Enter here:

If any of my readers win I’d love to hear what you’ve spent your prize on – good luck!

(A sponsored post - images and info courtesy of Boticca, content Gold Threads.)

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