Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sculpture to be Worn

Some jewellery is made for styling – delicate gold stacking bands, fine-chained pendants for layering, tactile stud earrings worn in multiples.  

Then there are the jewels that are small works of art in themselves, conversation starters that add real impact to a look, just as stunning on the bookshelf as the body.
Yunus and Eliza pieces are resolutely of the latter – dramatic, weighty pieces featuring sweeping, carved wings, expressive faces and textural, rolling waves. 

Originally fine artists, translating their large-scale craft into jewellery – “Sculpture to be Worn” – has positioned the duo's pieces uniquely within the market. Another brand with dark and fascinating inspirations, the names and stories behind the collections draw you in with almost as much intensity as the pieces themselves. 
A SkyScraper ring (top) from the line’s latest collection is firmly on my ‘one day I will own…’ list - beautifully detailed and textured, and striking in scale.

Topically, the pair have recently been involved as casting experts in the production of the figurehead for the Spirit of Chartwell barge that carried the Queen during the Jubilee flotilla – see here for images.

Also of interest - Future Heirlooms: Sculptutal

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