Sunday, 17 June 2012

Graduate Designer - Caroline Kernick

Readers who also follow me on Twitter will know I've been enjoying visits to the final year degree shows this week. Graduate shows are so exhilarating because somewhere between 'crazy' and 'seen before', there's also the genuinely new, unique and exciting - often with a completely fresh perspective.

This year's shows have thrown up some brilliant designers,and over the coming week I'll be sharing some of my favourites - starting with the work of a Central Saint Martins student simultaneously the most traditional but yet the least wearable of my selections...

Caroline Kernick's work is not designed to be worn at all (although she was sporting a pair of fabulous earrings which actually worked beautifully on the body), but instead was displayed as framed art, a comment on and exploration around the value of jewellery and materials. Kernick has rendered fine jewellery designs in a classic style, painted with gouache and then assembled the hand-cut paper components into layered 3D pieces.

Kernick's Gouache project has resulted in a particularly clever final show collection. The beautifully designed and rendered pieces clearly show her ability as a jewellery designer, but the unexpected and experimental side one expects - and enjoys - from student work is covered by the medium and message.

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