Monday, 7 May 2012

Jewellery Wardrobe Project III - Simple Studs

Studs are one of the main areas I think traditional jewellery wardrobe lists do a disservice to, usually recommending a suits-all pair of diamonds or pearls. I think everyday studs can - and should - convey more personality than that; pick a pair of gold or silver stud earrings with a great shape or detail that are both wearable but original.
 I love these Daisy Knights earrings for their bohemian opulence and texture, bursting out of the small space of a stud. The pretty, graphic shape of the Henriette Loftstrom pair make for easy polish, while the rough, jagged Gina Melosi studs add a dash of edge and asymmetry to a look.

My own jewellery wardrobe needed a pair of gold studs in a simple shape, so I’ve made a curvy, isosceles trillion stud – easy to wear alone, or perfect partnered with my Shaun Leane talons.

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