Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Designer - Rachel Entwistle

I’ve had Rachel Entwistle’s business card sat on my desk since I spotted her pieces back in February at The Jewellery Show, so I was pleased to have a virtual ‘prod’ into featuring her work when her new lookbook landed in my inbox.
Featuring spiders, ants and beetles, cascading chains and faceted stone beads, Entwistle’s handmade pieces are both a little creepy and a little whimsical. I think the brand does a particularly good line in earrings – creepy-crawlies dropping from the lobes alone or with layers of dripping chains.
The lookbook shows off Entwistle’s branding, with spidery handwriting creeping across the pages and a short story or fable preceding each range. Building her brand has been a key factor is Entwistle’s recent success, having been shortlisted for the UK Jewellery Awards ‘New Designer of the Year’.
Pieces can be found at EG Studio, or the currently under construction

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