Tuesday, 27 March 2012


There are some brands which, when you come to write about them, suddenly turn out to be far more complicated then you originally envisaged.

When I first came across Smith/Grey I was taken by their surreal, beautiful horse pieces - sculptural, merging bodies reminiscent slightly of Jordan Askill's work, but in a sleeker and more wearable form;
On visiting their website, however, the complexity of both the team and concepts behind the designs unfold. Smith/Grey is the child of two talents; designer and goldsmith Birgit Marie Schmidt with designer and creative strategist Sofus Graae.

Their combined vision has created a compelling Smith/Grey world - evocative and curious narratives bringing to life the intriguing and carefully crafted designs.

Beautiful photography, graphics and branding make the package complete - a fresh combination of minimalism and whimsy, tradition with a slick modern finish...

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