Sunday, 22 January 2012

Vicenza Fair 2012

This time last weekend I was exploring the maze of halls that is Vicenzaoro, the first jewellery show of 2012 and an opportunity to spot trends for the coming year. Signet rings - for both sexes - were in force, as was rose and yellow gold, rose cut gemstones and fine sheets of laser cut metal expertly formed into three-dimensional cuffs.

As with most international shows, the fair was dominated by the big fine jewellery brands offering a literally dazzling glimpse of diamond-studded finery. A simple but stunning example was a long necklace of unset, rose cut diamonds, joined almost invisibly to one another by the finest of platinum links.

This is not to say there wasn't work by smaller designers that caught my eye, however. Images don't quite capture the scale and fluidity of Gabriella Muraia's neckpieces. In the 'flesh' they look more like metal sculptures, requiring a second glance to recognise them as jewellery that would not look out of place in a music video;

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