Monday, 30 January 2012

Retail Feature: Boticca

You’ll have noticed over the past year or so that I’ve been using a new site for finding the designers I feature on Gold Threads. Boticca has been online since October 2010 and has quickly made a name for itself in the industry, attracting backing from Links of London co-founder John Ayton (MBE) and being selected as a Professional Jeweller Hot 100.

With the tagline ‘I’d rather wear a unique story’, Boticca’s focus is on showcasing a curated selection of new and exciting designers from across the globe, chosen for their design, craftsmanship and inspirational stories. Boticca is appealing from a consumer and blogger point of view as it features a constantly updated range of accessories at literally all price points, offering the opportunity to buy into independent designers and unearth something totally individual. Boticca’s designers often offer exclusive pieces only available on the site, and there are many more designers who are not yet well known waiting to be discovered.

Boticca is also a name some of the designers I was at uni with will recognise, as I’m constantly advising it to them as a portal for selling their work. Not only does Boticca offer a beautiful site for designers to present their work on, but they’re also fabulous at giving new designers exposure – through interviews features on their blog, features in the press and an active (and relevant) social media presence.

Exposure to the world-wide market is also an exciting prospect for a designer. This fascinating image illustrates where Boticca pieces have been shipped to and from; and shows how small the world can become…
Boticca's Global Family - click to enlarge
There’s a rash of new retail sites that have popped up over the past couple of years, but I’ve not yet found one that I visit as frequently as Boticca. The brand is not just about the product it sells but the stories behind them – from the inspiration and manufacturing process to styling and trends.

The site's blog is continuously updated with varied new content and features, from studio visits and video interviews to guest curations from the world of fashion and blogging. The Style Hunter’s Diary also allows you to see the ‘cogs’ in action – documenting the team’s active and worldwide hunt for new talent and their genuine passion and excitement for discovering fresh product.

Featured product (from top) - Michelle Oh Quarry Stacking Set, Maria Lau 1000 Moons Necklace, Gisele Ganne Dances With Wolves Bangle, Cabinet Pyramid Studs

For more of these designers' collections and additional fashion jewelry as well as unique fashion accessories please see

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  1. Hi Siobhan, it's Nathalie from Boticca. Thanks for such a great feature of some of the wonderful independent design talent on Boticca. On behalf of Cabinet, Gisele, Maria, and Michelle we really value your support! The Boticca Team xoxo


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