Sunday, 27 November 2011

November Rain

I don't think I'd mind the fog & rain so much if it gave me an excuse to wear these beautifully whimsical cloud earrings...
Maxim Voznesensky Earrings

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Climbing Spider/Falling Spider

This spider earring from Colette (via Broken English) is such a clever example of multi-purpose jewellery; the wrapping legs of the spider looking totally natural worn both as a long drop earring or as an ear cuff.

Nb. Apologies for the lack of proper photo, I can't find this piece anywhere else on the web* - but I believe it comes from the brand's Bestioles collection here. (*ho ho)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Illustration & Inspiration

Cartier Jacinthe Bracelet/Brooch
There's a brilliant feature currently on the Telegraph's Fashion website that is well worth a look...

Annoushka Chilli Sunset Earrings
Beautiful illustrations complement short interviews with jewellery designers about their inspirations, memories and favourite pieces. Their answers are inspiring, fascinating and sometimes touching - and the jewellery is made all the more engaging in being rendered by hand.
Hermes Centaure Ring

Sunday, 6 November 2011


One of my current Internet obsessions is StyleLikeU, which features a video insight into the wardrobes of an eclectic mix of creative individuals with noteworthy style.

The interviewees include a generous selection jewellery designers - such as Pamela Love, Jessica De Lotz and most recently Lauren Adriana - who talk passionately about where their love for gemstones and jewellery came from as well as revealing their sartorial and design inspirations.

Whether in the jewellery industry or not, many of the subjects featured on the site boast incredible, diverse jewellery collections, which make for inspiring (and sometime envy-inducing) watching. However, the most fascinating aspect of the videos lies not in the pieces themselves, but how the subjects wear and relate to their jewellery.

Stories of their pieces' provenance demonstrate how jewellery gains emotional significance; from precious heirlooms and pieces picked up on travels to prized flea market finds. I also love watching the interviewees play with their jewellery as worn - twisting rings, pulling bangles up wrists, jangling ethnic metal collars and fingering tangled lengths of customised pendants.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Fantasy Payday - St Kilda Citrine Ring

Featuring one of my favourite stones in a beautiful blackened silver setting, this St Kilda ring is just stunning...

I love that the brand's pieces look so delicate and fine, but take on a whole new look when layered, statement and colourful. A more realistic payday lust comes in the form of this high-on-my-wishlist red enamel snake ring - a vibrant take on the classic eternity snake ring;

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