Thursday, 27 October 2011

Starry Nights II (and a first mention of Christmas...)

I love a good star motif in jewellery, but - as with the evil eye - I'm just as taken by less literal interpretations on the theme;
Astley Clarke London Nights Ring, Lindsay Pearson Cosmos Ring, Annoushka Constellation Solar Ring
These three rings all evoke the night sky in a subtle and sleek way, and would look amazing worn together. I think it's probably late enough in the year to mention that they'd also make beautiful Christmas presents... and at price points of 2, 3 and 4 figures respectively there's one for every budget.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Saloukee Paper Jewellery

It was my first wedding anniversary yesterday, classically celebrated by exchanging gifts of paper. Ensuring that the absence of precious metals is no reason not to receive a gift of jewellery, innovative brand Saloukee specialises in pieces for just that event;

Whether or not you have the confidence (or an event!) to wear these paper jewellery sculptures, you cannot help but admire the imagination and skill behind the designs and technique; a fusion of tradition and technology involving folding, riveting and laser cutting.

If you wanted to buy into the concept without feeling quite so catwalk, there are smaller pieces for sale on the website, all at <£100 - such as the earrings above. They move a little into the craft side of the market for my tastes, however, so I would prefer to plump for the undiluted, statement look of an intricately folded cuff...

Saloukee is a really good example of finding a niche and a need, and doing something slightly different to the other paper brands out there - particularly impressive as paper is a tricky material to keep sophisticated, let alone cutting-edge.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Vanessa Kandiyoti

Fed up with the seemingly omnipresent Evil Eye in jewellery at the moment? Nope, me neither....
However, I am drawn to this slightly more subtle take on the motif by Vanessa Kandiyoti - a Turkish designer whose love for superstition stems more from tradition than from trends.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On the Other Hand...

My last blog suggested livening up a greyscale ensemble with a flash of gold jewellery, but I could be just as easily persuaded to go all black by Bottega Veneta's gloriously monochrome jewels...

I would love that filigree collar to go with my current to-go ensemble of grey cashmere jumper/black jeans/black leather jacket - it feels simultaneously ancient and modern, and is so, so striking.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


This winter, I plan to live in long, cosy jumpers in shades of grey and black - not quite these amazing Acne/Iro ones I'm afraid, but as close as I can get...
Solange Azagury-Partridge Earrings, Selim Mouzannar Pendant, Megan Thorne Ring, Astley Clarke Enamel Bangle
I don't really do colour, so to add a bit of warmth to such a palette I pile on jewellery in gold, with maybe a stone/enamel accent or two. Instantly, there's nothing dreary about dressing in greyscale at all!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jewellery Wardrobe Project II - Layering Pendants

 Introduction & Part I: Vintage Bling

So, it's been a few months since my last 'Jewellery Wardrobe' post - for the simple reason that half of the 'project' is the making side, which I just haven't had the time for. However last weekend I finally hauled my toolbox out, with the intention of filling this particular gap in my jewellery box...

Layering Pendants
Picture from Clare Vivier
Pendants of different lengths are such a versatile piece in any jewellery wardrobe, from tiny charms that become second-skin talismans to long chains that add movement. Mixing motifs, chains and metals creates an individual, totally personal look - and you wouldn't go far wrong if you started with one of these pretty pieces currently on the market;

(From left) 1. An initial necklace is a jewellery wardrobe classic, but why not be a bit more original with a Sho Fine Jewellery Alphabet Swirl pendant... 2. Pyramid studs are everywhere at the moment, but nowhere have I seen one turned into a tiny little keepsake box, as in Hannah Livingston's Alice Box Pendant. 3. A miniscule, tactile charm on a interesting chain is perfect for layering, and this Zoe Chicco Cone design is both perfect and affordable.

As for my own jewellery wardrobe, the missing piece was a longer, chunkier pendant that I could layer with my existing, more delicate collar-bone length pieces;


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fashion Month IV - Caged

Cage-like structures and netting details appeared all over the catwalk this season - from Gareth Pugh's dramatic creations (below) to JW Anderson's perforated leather and Dannielle Scutt's climbing-rope net dress.

It's a trend that is easily transferable into jewellery. In fact, Iceberg showed the look translated into accessories - from tall chokers and anklets to more wearable cuffs and belts;

The scale and construction of such pieces allows them to make a statement while remaining light and movable - the perfect way to continue wearing waist-defining belts and bold cuffs into the hotter months.

Friday, 7 October 2011

New Collection - Solange 24:7

As the name suggests, Solange Azagury-Partridge's new collection is designed to be a range of pieces that can be worn all day, everyday - the backbone of a women's jewellery collection. The video that accompanies the launch - shot by Sam Taylor-Wood and featuring the star of S.A-P's print ads, model Liberty Ross - is an innovative way of exploring a women's relationship with her jewellery.

The short explores the tactile and playful nature of the jewels; the spinning ring, bangles falling down the wrist. It also shows the durability and strength of the pieces in interesting and unequivocal ways; Liberty pulls her lover into her with her necklace, he uses her stacks of slim bangles to tie her hands together.

For another designer, an 'everyday' collection might have meant small pendants on slim chains - but not Solange. The aesthetic may be pared down and geometric, but she has diluted none of the fluid, kinetic aspects that have become her signature.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Fashion Month III - Jewellery/Clothing

For some designers, the line where clothing ended and jewellery began was undefined. Crystal-encrusted snakes coiled around navy dresses at Lanvin;

...mirrored body pieces and folded metal added a golden edge to Jasper Garvida's white gowns;

...and heavily bejewelled collars were common place - including James Long's pieces, which looked as though a Solange Azagury Patridge 'Stoned' necklace had exploded all over them;

Finally, Stine Ladefoged showed a wooly way for even the shy among us to get the body harness look without the scary chains...

Monday, 3 October 2011

New Site - Arabel Lebrusan

When I caught up with Arabel Lebrusan at IJL this year, she was excitedly spreading the word about her soon to be launched website, an individual venture after the closure of her Leblas brand and Sloane Street Store.

The site is finally live, and is full of favourites from the Leblas line as well as some new designs, all by Arabel. The ethical and fairtrade message is clear, but not overwhelming - in fact, the overriding impression I get from the site is of the balance between appreciation for craft and for fashion. Beautifully intricate filigree is worked into modern cuffs and rings, a unique look in the ethical jewellery market.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Just Landed...

Now, what was I saying about women & cufflinks?

Just look at the cuffs on Elle intern Elizabeth Black. I don't know if those little insects are pins, buttons or cufllinks but they're just gorgeous. As is the slim, iridescent ring they match perfectly with...
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