Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas '11 Part II - The Brooch

Brooches are not an item of jewellery I've covered much of yet on Gold Threads, but they do make wonderfully versatile presents. The sizing will never be wrong, your choice of metal doesn't matter as much, and your recipient can adapt the gift to suit their own style; pinning them to clothing, hats, on a bag or in the hair...

I adore the thought of a little line of Selda Okutan's golden ants marching up the lapel of a jacket or the sleeve of a blouse - at £26 each.
Claire English's Magpie Beak pin is likely to win over even those who wouldn't normally wear a brooch, with a military feel and whimsical inspiration - perfect pinned at the collar or a breast pocket, and £95.
Finally, for those who will love a modern take on the style, Holly's Fulton's Swallow brooch is a sleek choice. I love the contrasting textures and shades of the wood and perspex - all for £155.

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  1. Hi from us at Boticca! On behalf of Holly, Claire and Selda thank you so much for this feature. My name is Nathalie and I would love to get in touch with you. Is it possible to email me with your address? You can email me on Thanks and have a great week! x


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