Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Saloukee Paper Jewellery

It was my first wedding anniversary yesterday, classically celebrated by exchanging gifts of paper. Ensuring that the absence of precious metals is no reason not to receive a gift of jewellery, innovative brand Saloukee specialises in pieces for just that event;

Whether or not you have the confidence (or an event!) to wear these paper jewellery sculptures, you cannot help but admire the imagination and skill behind the designs and technique; a fusion of tradition and technology involving folding, riveting and laser cutting.

If you wanted to buy into the concept without feeling quite so catwalk, there are smaller pieces for sale on the website, all at <£100 - such as the earrings above. They move a little into the craft side of the market for my tastes, however, so I would prefer to plump for the undiluted, statement look of an intricately folded cuff...

Saloukee is a really good example of finding a niche and a need, and doing something slightly different to the other paper brands out there - particularly impressive as paper is a tricky material to keep sophisticated, let alone cutting-edge.

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